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Using the My Educator Profile tool, educators can update their demographic data and pay licensure fees online using a credit card.

Access My Educator Profile by signing into SAFE.

Note: If your application requires an e-signature of a superintendent, Local Professional Development Committee or college education dean, that individual must be an e-signer before you can submit your application online.

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General Requirements

  • 2-Year License Renewal or Advance
    If you will participate in the Ohio Resident Educator Program, you will not be able to register for this program if you hold a two-year provisional license. You should apply for a four-year resident educator license, rather than renewing your provisional license.
    Use this application to:
    • ​Renew a 2-year license
    • Advance a 2-year provisional license to a 5-year professional license
    • Advance a 2-year alternative license to a 5-year professional license
  • ​5-Year License Renewal or Transition
    Use this application to:
    • ​Renew  a five-year professional or associate license
    • Transition a 4-year or 8-year certificate to a 5-year license 

Specific Requirements



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