What I Believe

Dr. Richard Ross – Guiding Principles for Educational Excellence

Empowerment of quality teachers is essential. Good teachers ‘“move the needle” – they make the difference. All of us can think back and remember the one teacher who reached out and motivated us….gave us hope….and provided a pathway to success.

High expectations are key. While we must have high expectations for every child, helping others to learn and grow requires personal investment and some coaching. We must both set high expectations and support students’ and teachers’ struggles to meet expectations.

Leadership requires courage. Doing what is right for boys and girls isn’t always popular or easy but it is educators’ responsibility to protect our children and make decisions with our kids’ best interests at heart.

Autonomous decisions maximize effectiveness. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution to educators’ challenges, local leaders should be given freedom to do what is best for their students while being held accountable to the highest of standards.

The community is a key stakeholder in student success. Schools have a responsibility to the communities they serve. Parents and communities want what is best for their students and wish to be helpful, they should be engaged partners in the educational process.

Marshaling the right combination of resources in tight economic times is key to being a successful leader, since there will never be “enough” money.

How you spend the money matters. Academic success results when the right combination of resources is invested and targeted at challenges.

Quality educational choices should be supported. Since high quality educational options are essential to meeting all learners’ needs, parents should be free to choose the best environment for their child and family. It is inexcusable to invest limited dollars in schools that are not helping our children.

The best educators are able to adapt quickly to the changing world because the children cannot wait for education to change – it takes far too long.

Confidence comes from real accomplishments. We must support our boys and girls as they learn how to succeed (and how to recover when they don’t) and help them learn from both successes and failures.

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