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Digital Learning Month


Technology and learning go hand in hand. Because digital learning encompasses a wide spectrum of tools and practices, the Ohio Department of Education, together with eTech Ohio, INFOhio, KnowledgeWorks and others are observing Digital Learning Month to highlight resources and explore how they are being used in classrooms around Ohio.

Digital learning tools and stories will be featured here throughout the month. Older stories will be archived so that by the end of the month, this page will be a valuable collection of digital learning resources.
Be sure to visit ODE's The Digital Future of Education in Ohio website.

eTech Ohio

School Facilities Technology Toolkit

The School Facilities Technology Toolkit delivers online tutorials, presentations, and extended resources important to supporting a district's facility planning process. Sections of the toolkit address:

  • Decision Making
  • Planning for Technology and Integration
  • Team Building and Collaboration Activities


What is Digital Learning?

Digital learning is any instructional practice that is effectively using technology to strengthen the student learning experience including using online and formative assessment, increasing focus and quality of teaching resources and time, online content and courses, applications of technology in the classroom and school building, adaptive software for students with special needs, learning platforms, participating in professional communities of practice, providing access to high-level and challenging content and instruction, and many other advancements technology provides to teaching and learning.