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Students Can Move Up by Testing Out


Ohio’s system of credit flexibility gives students new and innovative ways to earn academic credit, including the option to test out of a class by passing a rigorous exam or performing specific skills to demonstrate mastery of that knowledge.

The Ohio Department of Education is hosting a webinar on March 29 that will provide details about local schools that are developing “testing out” options. Sign up from our Credit Flexibility Web Conference Series page.

Testing out was a component of the Ohio Core legislation passed in 2006 that requires school districts and community schools to develop local “credit flexibility” plans. The demonstration of mastery can include a traditional written exam approved by the district, a performance or skills assessment created by the district or completion of a project or performance that demonstrates mastery of academic content.

The goal is to give students greater access to courses that meet their interests and increase post-secondary and career preparation opportunities.

Students who play sports should be aware of state and college guidelines.

Though districts cannot place caps on the number of flexible credits students earn or treat flexible credits differently than traditional coursework, athletes functioning under the rules of OSHAA and the NCAA should be aware of potential limitations within their credit flexibility plan. The Ohio Department of Education strongly recommends that student athletes and their families discuss the option of credit flexibility with their school counselors or the district athletic director.