Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education

Securing the Future for Ohio’s Students

If Ohio’s preK-12 education system is to fully prepare its students for success in a fast-changing world beyond high school, then it must support schools and districts to continuously improve classroom teaching and student learning.

Many Ohio educators, parents, community leaders and lawmakers agree: we want to see improvement in school quality, student achievement and results for our graduates. To have the greatest impact, we must work from a common vision and shared goals and strategies.

The Plan

Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education builds on its Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) proposal and honors stakeholder feedback by targeting improvement for all students and schools.

How? Through action steps that target five key areas:

  • Early learning and literacy (preparing our youngest children for success in school);
  • Standards, assessments and accountability (measuring what students know and are able to do and evaluating schools);
  • Excellent educators and instructional practices (excellent teachers, teaching and school management);
  • Student supports and school climate and culture (supporting students and offering a comfortable environment that maximizes their learning);
  • High school success and postsecondary connections (clear academic expectations and smooth transitions to higher education and work).

The State Board of Education, Ohio Department of Education and Ohio’s nearly 3,600 schools will benefit from a clear focus under Ohio’s Strategic Plan for Education. This means our 1.7 million students will receive a high-quality education that prepares them for college or job training, careers and life.

What happens next?

The State Board of Education and Ohio Department of Education are spearheading the five-year plan with advice from local prekindergarten through grade 12 leaders, teachers and students, along with parents and business, philanthropic, community and higher-education leaders. These individuals will work in targeted groups to help create strategies for the plan’s five areas. Look for the published plan in spring 2018.


Last Modified: 2/22/2018 4:42:15 PM