WebXam Alternative: Ensuring Career-Technical Assurance Guide college credit


At the recommendation of Chancellor Randy Gardner and Superintendent of Public Instruction Paolo DeMaria, the Ohio departments of Higher Education and Education, along with other stakeholders, have developed guidance for Career-Technical Assurance Guide (CTAG) credit for students who will not be able to complete the WebXams associated with their secondary career-technical courses.
The guidance is consistent with our philosophy that, as much as possible, students should be held harmless when their studies have been disrupted by the unprecedented actions taken to ensure the safety of Ohioans during the COVID-19 crisis.
The CTAG guidance document ensures secondary career-technical education students remain eligible for the CTAG credit they would have earned had WebXams been available. Additional information will be coming on how this policy will fit into the Career-Technical Articulation Verification system (CTAV) process. Please contact Leah Amstutz with any additional questions or suggestions.