Classroom Activity Toolkit available for In-Demand Jobs Week, May 6-10


In-Demand Jobs Week is an Ohio celebration of jobs, industries and skills that are in demand in our state. It gives students and job seekers a great chance to learn more about rewarding local careers that employers are recruiting for right now. Ohio urges all its communities to partner with local industries and community organizations to plan events and activities during that week that will trigger excitement among students and job seekers.
If you are looking for activities to get students in grades K-12 talking about and preparing for careers, check out the In-Demand Jobs Week Classroom Activity Toolkit. In-Demand Jobs Week is your chance to inspire your students about their futures by using the classroom and employer-based activities to focus on well-paying, in-demand careers and pathways. Educators also can find an additional comprehensive guide here. 
What are in-demand jobs? In-demand jobs are those that pay a sustainable wage and offer a promising future based on the projected number of openings and growth. Ohio has in-demand jobs in more than 200 occupations across a wide range of industries. The state developed its in-demand jobs list using labor market information; job postings on the state's website,; JobsOhio regional forecasts; and employer forecasts. For more information, check out this online tool. For more information, email the Career Connections team at