Release of FY20 career-technical education course outlines and descriptions


The Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Career-Technical Education is releasing the Fiscal Year 2020 Manufacturing Technologies and Engineering and Science Technologies course outlines and descriptions. These courses will be available for schools starting in fall FY20.
The Manufacturing Technologies outline includes an important change involving FY19 Robotics (course #175004). It has been expanded to include a course for higher-level competencies, Industrial Robotics course (176025).
In the Engineering and Science Technologies outline, the AC & DC Electronics course has been divided into two separate courses; AC Electronics (175100) and DC Electronics (175105).
Please review the course outlines and descriptions, as well as the draft FY20 Program and Assessment Matrix to see all updates. WebXams for Manufacturing Technologies and Engineering and Science Technologies courses with subject codes beginning with 175 and 176 will be field-tested in FY20. No pretests will be available, and tests will include 95 items instead of the usual 40. Direct questions to Robert Kornack, assistant director in the Office of Career-Technical Education.