Nominate a district Ohio Teacher of the Year candidate by April 30; more recognition opportunities available


More teachers will gain recognition than ever before at the school district and regional levels through the 2015 Ohio Teacher of the Year program.  The program has been restructured to include new State Board Territory Teacher of the Year awards for the 11 State Board of Education territories. State Board of Education members, together with leaders in their territories, are contacting district superintendents to promote the competition.

By April 30, superintendents are asked to work with their principals to select one teacher candidate to serve as the school district’s entry in their State Board Territory Teacher of the Year contest. School districts and nominees will have until May 23 to complete and submit applications to their territory leads. All territory winners (one per territory) will advance to a state-level competition for the Ohio Teacher of the Year, who will be selected in fall 2014.

A timeline, instructions, the nomination form and a list of State Board territory leads are posted here. Additionally, click here for a map of State Board territories. Questions may be directed to the State Board member or territory lead or to Patty Griffin at patty.griffin@education.ohio.gov.