From the Superintendent



As we begin this new school year, I am encouraged by all that I believe we can achieve. Ohio’s boys and girls sit in your classrooms, eager to learn. While I understand that there is a lot for you to focus on, I implore you to do that with care. All that we do, each and every day, needs to be in an effort to prepare our youngsters to be proud, productive citizens.

We’ve already accomplished some very good things. Last year, Ohio’s teachers worked harder than ever to make sure our K-3 students can read. The hope and confidence that come with good reading skills will fuel higher academic achievement for thousands of girls and boys in the years to come.

During the same time 219 school districts, community and STEM schools, educational service centers and joint vocational schools
earned themselves $250 million in state funding to help finance innovative teaching ideas. These projects use new and emerging technologies and personalize learning to meet individual student needs. They develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills our boys and girls will need in future careers. They are models that schools and districts statewide can follow. They bring hope that our education system can match the skill demands the workforce will place on our students.

Now we’ve positioned ourselves to better guide our middle and high school youngsters toward diplomas and careers. Soon we’ll develop ways to identify at-risk students earlier, mentor them and expose them to careers that can revive their interest in learning. With new, more flexible graduation requirements we’ll make a high school diploma achievable for more students. The result will be a hopeful future for more young Ohioans.

We’re off to a great start, and we need to keep our momentum. As education leaders, we must continue to have high expectations—and our own high hopes—for what our children can take away from Ohio’s education system.

Let’s make it a great year.


Richard A. Ross
Superintendent of Public Instruction