Business Advisory Council – Update on Plans and Standards of Operation


The Department continues to recognize how important businesses are as partners in shaping the educational experiences of all students in Ohio schools. These partners can join schools to share news about job trends and opportunities, as well as economic changes that will affect jobs. Businesses also can play a role in district curriculum development and help create new opportunities for students, such as work-based learning experiences.
The 2018-2019 school year, Ohio law for the first time required governing boards of education of school districts and educational service centers (ESCs) to develop Business Advisory Council plans and submit them to the Department.
After receiving requests statewide for a template to guide districts and ESCs in developing or revising future plans, the Department has worked with stakeholders to offer such a template.
The BAC Example Plan Template is a reference tool districts or ESCs can use to develop or modify their business advisory council plans, making sure the provisions of the Revised Code are included in their planning process. Each Business Advisory Council may use the template at its discretion, including adapting it the group’s unique needs. The template also contains examples of activities a business advisory council could undertake throughout the year.
For additional ideas for programs or activities, please refer to the section of the template titled Developing a Business Advisory Council Plan, located in the standards of operation for Business Advisory Councils in Ohio Schools. Ohio has updated these standards to:

  • Clarify the submission process for districts that have entered agreements to receive any services from an ESC under this section or this section of Ohio law, and who have agreed an ESC’s business advisory council will represent the business of the district or districts; and
  • Encourage districts to publish a joint statement each year, as Ohio law requires.
Ohio law requires the governing boards of education of all school districts and educational service centers (ESC) to create and submit their business advisory council plans to the Ohio Department of Education annually through the Data Submission Forms App in the OH|ID Web Portal. Forms are now open for districts and educational service centers to upload their business advisory councils’ annual plans. The deadline is Sept. 30.
Districts that have entered agreements to have an ESC’s business advisory council represent the business of the district do not need to upload separate plans, but the Department asks those districts to answer questions in the Data Submissions Forms application identifying their supporting ESCs.
To access submission forms and submit annual plans, users must have their Superintendent or Superintendent Designee roles listed in the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS). The roles are assigned by the local OEDS administrator. See additional submission details by visiting the Department’s website.
For answers to questions, email James Turner or call (614) 728-2749.