Data review and appeal windows open for 2018 calendar, staff, course and assessment data


Monday, Aug. 13 through Thursday, Aug. 23, superintendents of traditional districts, community schools, joint vocational school districts, STEM districts and educational service centers can conduct the required review of their calendar, staff, course, Ohio Graduation Tests, alternate, OELPA, and other accountability assessment data reported in EMIS during the 2018 school year. This is the only opportunity to appeal this data. The data will affect the 2018 Ohio School Report Cards and impact the amount of state funding a district receives.
Superintendents are to signify whether the data are accurate when completing the 2018 Report Card Data Review Part 2 form, in the Forms application in SAFE.
A superintendent who finds inaccurate data should submit an appeal by the Aug. 23 deadline using the appropriate appeal in the Forms application in SAFE:

  • 2018 Data Appeal for Final Calendar;
  • 2018 Data Appeal for Final Staff Course;
  • 2018 Data Appeal for Spring OGT;
  • 2018 Data Appeal for Spring Alternate;
  • 2018 Data Appeal for OELPA or
  • 2018 Data Appeal for Other Accountability Assessments (opens Aug. 16). 
The superintendent, EMIS coordinator and superintendent designee all can access and fill out the data appeal forms. The forms are not officially submitted to the Department until the superintendent approves each form to complete the process.
The Department encourages districts to submit data appeals before the Aug. 23 deadline. Districts that submitted appeals and received approval for them early will have more time to resubmit corrected data.
Again, Aug. 13-23 will be the only opportunity for districts to appeal this data. A district’s own staff, course and calendar data will not be subject to appeal during the 2018 funding data appeals. The Department encourages districts to take advantage of all available funding and report card-related reports to assess the accuracy of their data before the deadline. The funding data appeals will give districts an opportunity to appeal cross-district data, such as community school funding flags and overlapping enrollment.

For answers to questions regarding the data appeals, contact the Department's Office of Data Quality.