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Restart Readiness Assessments and resources available


The 2021-2022 Restart Readiness Assessments now are available for districts and schools on the Restart Readiness Assessment portal. These optional assessments consist of benchmark and checkpoint tests to help schools and districts identify student progress early and receive actionable performance data. Benchmark tests are full-length assessments that mirror the content and test characteristics of Ohio’s State Tests. Checkpoint assessments are short, six- to 10-item tests that offer a range of opportunities to assess within each reporting category.

Additionally, all released item tests from spring 2021 are in the Restart Readiness Assessments portal.

All benchmark tests and most checkpoint assessments are machine-scored, and results are available immediately in the Centralized Reporting System.

Resources for the Centralized Reporting System can be found on the portal. These resources include:

For questions regarding the Restart Readiness Assessments, contact the Office of Assessment at