Electronic licensure credentials available to applicants and e-signers; mailing of paper formats to cease


This week, electronic signers (e-signers) for the My Educator Profile licensure system will gain access to electronic copies of newly issued certificates, permits and licenses (new and renewal). By Thursday, e-signers will be able to view a new “status” section in the My Approvals section of the system that will show them all the credential requests they have received, as well as the status of each request in the approval process. Also on Thursday, e-signers may download, save and print credentials that are marked issued (currently valid) for the district’s records.

Districts that ask employees to provide copies of newly issued or renewed licenses, certificates or permits for their files may continue to do so. Any educator who has an issued credential may already download, save and print it from the My Credentials section of My Educator Profile. (My Educator Profile resides within the ODE CORE system through SAFE accounts.)

In anticipation that mailing of licenses will stop in September, the department continues to help districts keep these important records. The next change will involve giving e-signers the option of specifying an email address (for example, a human resources or registrar’s office) where the system would send notification messages about newly issued credentials. The department recommends that districts interested in such notifications create a dedicated, shared email account: ex. credentials@your-domain-name.org. Watch for more information about this option soon. Questions and comments may be directed to educator.licensure@education.ohio.gov with “print your own credential” in the subject line.