Welcome #BackToSchool: Share and celebrate all year with #MyOhioClassroom and #OhioLovesTeachers!


It’s that time again — #BackToSchool 2019-2020 — and we want to celebrate the amazing things happening each day in Ohio’s classrooms. That’s where we need your help. Share all of those aha moments and the people who make them happen with #MyOhioClassroom and #OhioLovesTeachers!
#MyOhioClassroom and #OhioLovesTeachers allow educators, building and district leaders, parents, students and the community to share on Twitter and Instagram the good things happening in Ohio’s education community.
#MyOhioClassroom is a simple way to engage with fellow educators and share your innovative instructional ideas, success stories and other great news. We want to see what is working and empowering students to reach their dreams. Consider these questions when deciding what to share:

  • Did something great happen in your school or classroom today? Let the world know!
  • Have a lesson that really clicked or a new project that would encourage others to strive harder?
  • Want to share a story about your staff or students doing something inspirational?
  • Did a group of students go above and beyond?
  • Did newly introduced technology help students go to the next level? How?
#OhioLovesTeachers brings remarkable educators center stage and shines a spotlight on their work and the ways they are changing lives. Do you work with a teacher who goes the extra mile? Does your teacher or your child’s teacher create “wow!” learning moments for his or her students? Be sure to include the teacher’s name, district and school name, subject taught and any social media handles.
Don’t forget to include the reason this teacher, or teaching team, is an example of why #OhioLovesTeachers. Include these items in your posts:
  • Photos and videos from the classroom;
  • Video testimonials;
  • Links to district write-ups, such as blogs, announcements and newsletters;
  • News articles from your local media; or
  • Anything else that helps tell the teacher’s story.
Simply share a picture or video with your story using #MyOhioClassroom or #OhioLovesTeachers on Twitter and Instagram and tag @OHEducation. We will watch for your posts and may share them across the Department's social networks. Let’s celebrate teaching and learning year-round!