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Telling Our Stories to Advocate for Our Profession
By Jonathon Juravich

My 5-year-old daughter loves routines. And bedtime is when routines reign supreme. There is the bath, new pajamas, brushing teeth, talking about our favorite parts of the day, two books, two songs and lights out. Every night, this same order of events leads her to know that regardless of whether the sun is still up or not, it is time for bed. Click here to read the full blog post...
Jonathan Juravich is the 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year. He currently is on sabbatical from the classroom to serve as the Department’s teacher-in-residence. Jonathan will provide a teacher’s perspective on policy matters while helping develop strategies to elevate the status of the teaching profession in Ohio. He will represent the Department at schools and events throughout the state to promote teacher leadership and expand recognition for Ohio’s exceptional teachers. The teacher-in-residence also will serve on groups designed to expand recruitment and diversify the state’s teacher population.