Updates about career-technical data collection and reporting — deadlines extended


Due to the circumstances facing many of Ohio’s secondary schools, the Office of Career-Technical Education has determined the following course of action in the best interest of Ohio’s career-technical education students from the Fiscal Year 2020 school year. This plan was developed in cooperation with the Office of Data Quality and Governance and Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) at The Ohio State University.

  • The Fiscal Year 2020 EMIS Career-Tech Accountability Assessment Collection (FY20) (2020ACTSP) originally scheduled to close Friday, Aug. 7, 2020, will be extended to Friday, Sept. 18, 2020. Additional guidance on reporting this information can be found in the COVID-19-Related EMIS Reporting Guidance. Districts should prioritize reporting assessments for students who left school in Fiscal Year 2020, especially students matriculating to Ohio’s public colleges or universities who have met the requirements of a Career-Technical Assurance Guide for college credit.
  • In conjunction with the assessment collection extension, a second WebXam Alternative Reporting window will open Monday, Aug. 3, 2020, and close Friday, Sept. 11, 2020. This second WebXam Alternative Reporting window will allow those districts that did not finalize end-of-course grades for Fiscal Year 2020 to upload to the WebXam system students’ course grades in lieu of the WebXam end-of-course assessments. For information on how to report course grades to WebXam, please view the Career-Technical Education Assessment System page.
  • In summary:
    • Aug. 3, 2020: Alternative Reporting Window opens in WebXam
    • Sept. 11, 2020: Alternative Reporting Window closes in WebXam
    • Sept. 18, 2020: FY20 EMIS Career-Tech Accountability Assessment Collection closes.
      • Note that many students enrolled in Ohio public colleges and universities may be negatively affected if reporting is not completed as soon as possible.
The Ohio departments of Education and Higher Education, through the Career-Technical Articulation Verification project, are improving students’ chances of receiving postsecondary transfer credit for qualified career-technical education courses by sharing course and technical assessment data in EMIS. To guarantee students receive those credits, districts must report course and technical assessment data in EMIS. Qualified students will have their data flagged for transfer credit, without having to submit paper verification, when enrolling in Ohio public postsecondary institutions. Early reporting of technical assessment (EMIS Assessment Type GY) records in the Fiscal Year 2020 Career-Tech Accountability Assessment Collection (2020ACTSP) allows for timely and accurate advising of students enrolling in Ohio public postsecondary institutions in autumn. Postsecondary transfer credits empower students to make informed decisions about their futures, including the potential for attending Ohio public higher education institutions. They also save students and their families time and the cost of repeating courses.