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Secure Portal for Schools to Submit Safety Plans Now Online
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Ohio Superintendent of Public Instruction Richard A. Ross announced that Ohio schools may now submit school safety plans via a secure online portal. The portal is one of the many recommendations of the School Safety Task Force which have been implemented.

State law requires each Ohio school to submit school floor and safety plans to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. The plans are placed on the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OHLEG) so they can be used by law enforcement and first responders in case of an emergency.

Task force members from the Ohio Department of Education and the Attorney General’s Office worked to help create a system where schools could upload the plans to the Department’s Security Application for Enterprise (SAFE) Web portal. The application in SAFE transfers uploaded plans to OHLEG for use by first responders.

The Task Force also published a model safety plan template that schools could use to discuss with stakeholders how to improve and strengthen their schools’ plans. Safety plans should be structured so that pertinent information for first responders is accessible at the beginning of each plan.

For more information on the task force and school safety resources, please visit www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov/SchoolSafety  or education.ohio.gov/Topics/Other-Resources/School-Safety

Final paper licensure applications due Dec. 31; signers need to be ready for 100 percent paperless system by Jan. 1
Because the process for submitting and approving teacher licensure applications is moving to a completely paperless system as of Jan. 1, any paper applications must be received by Dec. 31 to be processed. Thereafter, applicants and authorized reviewers must complete the process online through the My Educator Profile system.

Teachers may already apply for licenses online if the individuals designated to approve applications are registered as electronic application signers. These individuals are: superintendents, coordinators for local professional development committees, deans at colleges and universities, and designees for peoples serving in those roles. Search for those who already have signed up as e-signers using this search function in CORE.

Signers who already have SAFE accounts and their current roles and email addresses listed in the Ohio Educational Directory System Redesign can complete the e-signer registration process in a few short steps:

  • Sign into SAFE,
  • Select ODE CORE;
  • Select My Educator Profile;
  • Select My Approvals; and
  • Click on Enroll me.

Enrolled signers will receive email notifications when applications are submitted. For more information on getting started, click here. Deans and dean designees who need assistance with the Ohio Educational Directory System should contact Mary Rose at mary.rose@education.ohio.gov. For more information, click here for more details.