From the Superintendent



This is an exciting day for Ohio’s public education system, one that marks a transformation in learning for the boys and girls of our state. Earlier this afternoon, the state Controlling Board released a total of $88.6 million involving 24 Straight A grants for innovation that represent  more than 150 educational partners. You can see the list of winning grant applications here.

There was tremendous competition to receive a Straight A grant. In all, 420 organizations submitted 570 applications seeking a total of nearly $868 million. The winners demonstrated a level of innovation, cost savings and financial sustainability that convinced both the Straight A Governing Board and the Controlling Board they were truly progressive concepts in education. All Ohio districts and schools can now look to these winning proposals for ideas to reduce costs and take learning to a new level across our state.

What excites me about this first round of Straight A Fund grant opportunities is that it prompted districts to begin re-examining the ways they educate our boys and girls. Many great conversations took place in and between our schools, colleges and universities, businesses and other educational stakeholders as part of this process. We need to build on this spirit of innovation with the second round of Straight A Fund grants that will be released next year.

Just so you know, of the $100 million in Straight A Funds for this year, legislators earmarked, through House Bill 59, $11.4 million for projects including Kids Unlimited of Toledo for quality after-school tutoring and mentoring; Cleveland Municipal School District for the implementation of the Cleveland Plan; and for qualifying districts to improve the efficiency of pupil transportation. 

Because schools will be letting out soon for winter break, this will be the last EdConnection you will receive until early January 2014. Throughout this season, I wish you peace, rest and great joy in the presence of family and friends. Happy holidays and thank you again for all you do for the girls and boys of Ohio.


Dr. Richard A. Ross
State Superintendent of Public Instruction