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Superintendents requested to submit Value-Added roster verification commitment forms
The Ohio Department of Education requests that superintendents confirm their participation in spring Value-Added roster verification of 2013-2014 data by Feb. 21. The commitment form and suggested steps to help you get ready for this year’s activities appear on the department’s website. Roster verification will take place in three stages: March 31 to April 15 – school set-up period; April 16 to May 13 – teacher roster verification period; and May 14 to June 3 – principal review and approval period.

Getting involved with roster verification is the best way for school districts to ensure that their value-added measures for next school year’s educator evaluations accurately reflect teachers’ instructional influence on student progress. In addition, participation will help in producing reliable information for schools to use in making instructional decisions. For districts that choose to not participate in roster verification, data from the department’s Educational Management Information System will serve as the sole source for teachers’ classroom rosters.

As you prepare for roster verification, please consider asking new staff and anyone who could use a refresher on the topic to access the support and resources available through the Ohio Student Progress Portal, including the Why Link? video series. Also, make note of any student names that have changed during the year and update the changes by following the steps posted here. During the school set-up period, principals can attend a regional training session, and all interested staff may view a series of webinars. Dates and times of these sessions will be announced soon.

Save the Date: Feb. 11 webcast, Straight A Fund general information
The Straight A Fund will host a general information webcast on Tuesday, Feb.  11, at 3:30 p.m. to provide details about the next round of the grant. More information, including a registration link, will follow in the coming days. The Straight A Fund is dedicated to promoting teaching and learning innovation. The grants provide funding for ideas that raise student achievement, reduce spending and target more resources to the classroom.  Visit the Straight A Fund website here