Mr. J keeps those answers coming! Get to know Jonathan Juravich in part four of #QAwithMrJ


Last November, the Department asked you to send your questions to Jonathan Juravich (or, as most call him, "Mr. J”) for our new video series, Q&A with Mr. J. He received so many great questions and has been busy working with Department staff to get the answers recorded.
Click here for part four of Q&A with Mr. J!
Mr. J, the 2018 Ohio Teacher of the Year, is piloting a teacher-in-residence program at the Ohio Department of Education. During this one-year sabbatical from his art classroom at Olentangy Local Schools in Powell, he is drawing attention to Ohio’s education community, promoting teacher leadership and expanding teacher recognition.
If you have more questions for Mr. J, send him a tweet using #QAwithMrJ, and be sure to tag @OHEducation and @JJuravich.
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