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Ohio Department of Health offers valuable flu prevention tips to administrators, students and parents

As many of you are aware, the flu season is in full swing and impacting individuals of all ages. To help prevent the spread of the influenza virus through schools and communities, the Ohio Department of Health has produced a series of flu-fighting tips targeted at children, administrators and parents. The tips can be found here in an easy to reproduce format to share with the various targeted audiences.

Diagnostic Assessment Flexibility Waiver for 2012-2013

Each year, districts and community schools are required to administer reading, writing, and mathematics diagnostic assessments to students in grades one through three (depending on the subject tested). The results of these diagnostics will be reported to ODE through the end of year EMIS collection. Districts and community schools may use the state’s reading diagnostic assessment or any reading diagnostic they already planned to use for the 2012-2013 school year. In subsequent years, districts must use the ODE diagnostic or select a comparable assessment from an ODE approved list.

Flexibility to administer an assessment other than ODE’s for mathematics and writing is now contingent on a district or community school receiving a rating of “Effective” or above in the previous school year (2011-2012). These districts and community schools may use any diagnostic they choose and do not need to submit waiver or notice to ODE. For subsequent school years, when the ratings are replaced with letter grades, ODE will determine the equivalent letter grade that will allow for flexibility.

Before House Bill 555, ODE released a Diagnostic Assessment Flexibility Waiver that offered the same flexibility on the mathematics and writing assessment based on AYP (not ratings). ODE will still approve these waivers for any district or community school that made AYP. However, the waiver is unnecessary if the district or community school received a rating of “Effective” or above in the previous school year. More information on the waiver and the original waiver application can be found on ODE’s website here.

Casino distributions posted

The Department of Taxation posted the casino revenue payments to their website last week and can be found here. In short, $37.95 million will be distributed on Jan. 31 to all public school districts, which includes traditional districts, JVSDs, community schools, and STEM schools based on the schools’ student enrollment data as uploaded in EMIS on Dec. 26, 2012. College preparatory boarding schools will also qualify for this payment once such schools are open. This is the only distribution for FY13. Starting in FY14, there will be two distributions per fiscal year. More details are forthcoming but if you have questions on the counts used for the distribution for your school or district please e-mail ODE at EMIS@education.ohio.gov.

New guides help school leaders support Common Core State Standards implementation

Achieve has released a series of guiding reports, which outline strategies and techniques that can be used by school leaders to prepare teachers and students for the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. The reports provide no-cost takeaways, talking points and action steps that school leaders and counselors can begin to put into practice in their schools today.

The three reports are available in the Publications section at www.achieve.org and include:

  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the Elementary School Leader Action Brief;
  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the Secondary School Leader Action Brief; and
  • Implementing the Common Core State Standards: The Role of the School Counselor Action Brief.

New “Student Growth” feature available in second phase of eTPES

Districts that logged into eTPES and set up their accounts by Dec. 31, 2012, will soon have a new “Student Growth” feature available in the main menu. This feature will allow for the management of data by superintendents and principals and for SGM data viewing by teachers. “Student Growth” will be ready for use by Jan. 31. By adding the SGM 50 percent to the Teacher/Principal Performance 50 percent, the system will calculate the Final Summative Rating. eTPES will calculate the Student Growth Measures 50 percent from manually-entered data and downloaded data. It will then calculate the Final Summative Rating (using the Teacher Performance 50 percent and Student Growth Measures 50 percent) for each educator. Please email eTPES@education.ohio.gov with policy questions or support@ohiotpes.com for technical support.

Educator Preparation Program Performance Reports issued

The Ohio Board of Regents (OBR) has released the first of what will become annual comprehensive performance reports for each OBR-approved educator preparation program in Ohio. The Educator Preparation Performance Reports, which include performance data on the metrics identified for teacher and principal preparation programs, will provide valuable information to a variety of audiences regarding available educator preparation programs in Ohio.

There are 51 institutions in Ohio with programs that were evaluated, resulting in more than 500 performance reports. There also is one state report issued and a separate report for each of the 51 institutions. Although the Board of Regents will utilize the metrics included in the performance reports for program review and approval, the reports do not include a ranking of programs and do not assign letter grades. Future performance reports will be published at the end of each calendar year. Reports are available to the public via the OBR website.

New selection process for opening new e-schools in 2013-2014

The recently passed HB555 included changes to the selection process for new e-schools. The bill repealed the lottery process, which was to start this month.

The new application process includes measures to determine the experience and quality of applicants. The measures shall include, but are not limited to, the following considerations:

  • The sponsor’s experience with online schools;
  • The operator’s experience with online schools;
  • The sponsor’s and operator’s previous record for student performance; and
  • A preference for operators with previous experience in Ohio.

Measures to assess the merits of each application will be developed through the rule-making process. ODE will continue to provide updates and notify stakeholders of opportunities to comment when draft rules are available.

Register principals now for workshop on verifying rosters for Value-Added reports

You may remember from an early December edition of EdConnection that all Ohio LEAs will receive teacher Value-Added reports this year. To ensure accuracy of those reports, all LEAs must participate in the spring 2013 Roster Verification process taking place in stages between April 8 and June 5.

Beginning Jan. 29, Battelle for Kids will sponsor regional trainings on how to do Roster Verification. LEAs should send representatives if they will be completing the roster verification process this spring for the first time. If yours is one of these LEAs, please make sure all principals that have teachers with Value-Added data, as well as a district leader, are registered to attend one of the sessions. Roster Verification is the essential first step to accurate teacher Value-Added reports because it documents precisely which teacher provides instruction in what subject to which students. The participation of teachers and principals therefore is essential.

The registration deadline is Jan. 22. View program details, dates, locations and registration information here.

Register now for Ohio Economic-Education Summit Feb. 26-27 in Columbus

Registration is open now for the sixth annual Ohio Economic-Education Summit, which will be Feb. 26-27 at the Sheraton Hotel Columbus on Capitol Square. Sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Career-Technical Education, the Summit is designed to help middle and high school educators use industry data and scenarios to better prepare students for college and careers. Keynote and breakout sessions will include information and strategies to bridge knowledge gaps, particularly in nine industries identified to best serve Ohio’s economy. To learn more and register, go to www.economic.education.ohio.gov.

Register now for ITEEA’s 75th Annual Conference and Anniversary Celebration in Columbus March 7-9

This year, the annual conference of the International Technology & Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) will be held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on March 7-9. The theme of the conference is Improving Technology and Engineering Education for All Students: A Plan of Action. Discounts are available for those who register prior to Feb. 1. For more information about the conference or to register, click here.