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Register now for HIV Policy Toolkit Webinar Feb. 8

School and district personnel are invited to participate in a one-hour webinar to accompany the HIV Policy Toolkit on Feb. 8 beginning at 11 a.m. The webinar will provide a brief overview of the magnitude of HIV/STIs among Ohio’s adolescents, rights of students and staff, responsibilities of the district, resources to develop a comprehensive HIV policy, and elements of a high-quality HIV prevention program. Register for the webinar in STARS. To review the HIV Policy Toolkit click here.

The power of teacher-based teams showcased in OLAC’s newest online resources

The Ohio Leadership Advisory Council (OLAC) is pleased to announce the availability of two new resources designed to help school districts create highly effective teacher-based teams (TBTs).
Both resources are available for free to all Ohio educators on the OLAC website:

  1. Teacher-Based Teams: What Districts Need to Know module (login required)
    This online learning module provides support for the development of teacher-based teams by helping connect their work to the goals and strategies developed by the district and the related action steps established by their schools.
  2. Teacher-Based Teams in Action video
    This video brings to life the frameworks that OLAC and the Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) have developed to help schools use collaborative structures and share the responsibility for improving student achievement. It thoroughly explores how the 5-Step Process works in teacher-based teams and in the classroom, and makes critical connections to statewide school improvement efforts.

Visit www.ohioleadership.org to access these and other online learning resources to support the development of effective leaders and collaborative teams.