Ohio's 2019 special education determination


Every year, the federal government gives each state a rating on its implementation of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). This is called the state’s “determination.” The U.S. Department of Education uses both procedural compliance and student results data, giving each equal weight, to evaluate each state’s performance. These data result in one of four determinations:

  • Meets Requirements;
  • Needs Assistance;
  • Needs Intervention; or
  • Needs Substantial Intervention.
For the second consecutive year, Ohio has received the highest rating of Meets Requirements, as detailed in this letter and performance matrix. For additional details about how the federal education department calculated 2019 determinations, click here.
Ohio’s 2019 scores are similar to 2018 for all measures included in the determination. Ohio continues to score 100 percent on the compliance measures, while demonstrating some improvement in the rate of students with disabilities taking standard state assessments.
Ohio’s lowest-scoring measure continues to be the percentage of students with disabilities who graduate by meeting the same requirements as students who do not have disabilities. That rate dropped from 35 percent for Ohio’s 2018 determination to 31 percent for the 2019 determination.
After receiving Ohio’s annual determination, the Ohio Department of Education makes determinations, known as Special Education Ratings, for each district’s special education program. It bases these ratings on a subset of data from the most recent Special Education Profile. After finalizing statuses based on this year’s profile indicators, the Department will send districts their 2019 Special Education Ratings.
For answers to questions about Ohio’s determination, please contact determinations@education.ohio.gov.