It’s critical for districts to update Ohio Educational Directory roles and contact information


As districts maintain and continuously update their records in the secure Ohio Educational Directory System-Redesign (OEDS-R), they play a vital part in ensuring that their key staff members receive important information from the Ohio Department of Education. These ongoing district updates also ensure that the correct district-assigned administrators have valid “role” assignments that provide them with access to financial, student growth and other essential data. The department relies upon district role assignments and contact information in OEDS-R to conduct many functions including administering grants, maintaining data, verifying receipt of state funding and communicating the latest education news. Because OEDS-R is a vital link in these activities, it is crucial that districts regularly update the system as changes occur, especially this summer as we prepare for the new school year. (See this related news item for several upcoming activities that depend upon correct role assignments by districts.)

A superintendent, treasurer or another administrator assigned by the superintendent may serve as an OEDS-R administrator. Those who are new to their districts and do not know who has been serving as the district’s OEDS administrator may find that information by logging into SAFE. As users follow the link titled “Show my current OEDSR roles/access” in the top box at right, they can view any roles they are assigned and search for OEDS-R administrator(s) by IRN or organization name.

OEDS-R administrators can update their staff members’ roles using one of the following identity verification options:

  • The educator licensure number in the CORE system. (Educators may access their numbers in CORE through their secure SAFE accounts.) ; OR
  • Last name, date of birth and last four digits of Social Security number.

For help with OEDS-R, please contact oedsr.support@education.ohio.gov.