Dropout prevention school assessments: Data review and data appeal windows now open


From July 24 through Aug. 2, superintendents of dropout prevention and recovery community schools can complete required reviews of their 2017 fall and spring assessment collections in EMIS. The value-added data from these assessments will affect their schools’ Progress measure and overall school rating on the 2017 Ohio School Report Cards.

Superintendents must indicate whether these data are accurate as they complete the “2017 DORP Assessments Data Review” form, within the Forms application in SAFE. A superintendent with inaccurate data also should submit an appeal as described here using the “2017 Data Appeal for DORP Assessments” form. The deadline is Aug. 2.

The superintendent, treasurer, EMIS coordinator and superintendent designee can access and complete both the data review and data appeal forms. The forms are not officially submitted to the Department until the superintendent approves them.

For more information about the data review window, timeline and completion process for superintendents, click here.

For answers to questions about the data review or appeal, contact the Department’s Office of Data Quality.