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Licensure process going paperless; sign up as an electronic signer now

The process for submitting and reviewing teacher licensure applications is moving to a paperless system. Teachers can now easily apply for licenses online through the CORE My Educator Profile if the individuals designated to review and approve applications register as electronic application signers. Signers that already have a SAFE account and their current role and email address listed in the Ohio Educational Directory System Redesign can complete the process in less than five minutes.


Here’s how to sign up:

  • Sign into SAFE,
  • Select ODE CORE;
  • Select My Educator Profile;
  • Select My Approvals;
  • Click on Enroll me.


Enrolled signers will receive email notifications when applications are submitted for review and approval. For more information, click here.


Clarification: All districts must use the Electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES) to document evaluations

Using eTPES, Ohio’s electronic accountability system for conducting and documenting educator evaluations and calculating ratings, is mandatory per state law for all districts. While districts have some flexibility in the forms and rubrics used for educator evaluations, all districts that are implementing teacher evaluation systems in 2013-2014 must use eTPES to enter performance ratings. The system will calculate student growth measures and final summative ratings for educators.


Districts may use their own locally developed evaluation forms, but must demonstrate within eTPES how their materials align with the state framework.

The Ohio Teacher Evaluation System includes a descriptive rubric that district evaluators may use when selecting educator ratings. A district that chooses to use a modified version of the OTES rubric, or one designed by a third party, such as Danielson or Marzano, must indicate in eTPES how their version aligns to the Ohio rubric. They also must upload their rubric into eTPES.


For more information about educator evaluations including answers to frequently asked questions, please click here.


eTPES training for superintendents and designees begins next week; principal training starts in late August

Local educational service centers will conduct two distinct training sessions about eTPES. In the first training for superintendents and superintendent designees, participants will set up eTPES for their districts and establish secure access for their principals. Superintendent or their designees must participate in the training if they want to send their principals to a training session, when participants will set up the system for their buildings. To register, access or create your SAFE account, open the STARS system and use eTPES as the event search term.


Update OEDS-R information now; important notices being sent to superintendents soon

The department regularly uses district contact information in the Ohio Educational Directory System Redesign (OEDS-R) to conduct many functions including administering grants, maintaining data, verifying receipt of state funding and communicating the latest education news. Because OEDS-R is a vital link in this information flow, it is crucial that districts regularly update the system as changes occur, especially before the new school year begins.



By July 30, the department will use OEDS-R information to send superintendents an email with access information for the eTPES log-in process.


To make updating staff members roles for OEDS-R administrators easier, ODE has added an identification verification option. Now changes and additions can be made using either:


  • The educator licensure number in the CORE system. (Educators may access their numbers in CORE through their secure SAFE accounts.) ; OR
  • Last name, date of birth and last four digits of Social Security number.


For help with OEDS-R, please contact oedsr.support@education.ohio.gov