Special Education Indicator Data

2018-2019 Special education indicator data available


The Office for Exceptional Children has posted special education indicator data for each district and community school to the Department’s Special Education Profiles webpage. The data have been posted in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which requires public reporting of each district’s indicator data by June of each year.
Ohio’s special education indicator data are available in an Excel spreadsheet, titled 2018-2019 District-Level Special Education Indicator Data, located near the bottom of the webpage. The spreadsheet is comprised of data reported by each district through the Education Management Information System for the 2018-2019 school year.

Normally, districts would have received much of the same data within their Special Education Profiles in the spring, prior to the release of the Excel spreadsheet. However, due to the ordered school-building closure, the Department has delayed the release of the profiles until districts are better positioned to address required activities based on data for indicators with prescribed timelines.

The Department anticipates sharing more information in the fall about the timeline for release of the Special Education Profiles. Districts and community schools are encouraged to review their special education indicator data as posted. Please send questions to the Office for Exceptional Children at oec.monitoring@education.ohio.gov.