State Board takes actions related to teacher licensure in agriscience, health and middle childhood education


At its June meeting, the State Board of Education made decisions related to certain educator licensure requirements and several Ohio Assessments for Educators, which teachers take to qualify for their educator licenses. The decisions relate to agriscience and health licenses, as well as certain tests and requirements for candidates who wish to teach selected content areas in middle and high school.

Agriscience and health

  • Candidates for initial teaching licenses in either agriscience (Career-Technical Baccalaureate license for teaching Grades 4-12) or health (Multi-age preKindergarten-Grade 12 license) will take one of two respective new tests as part of their licensure requirements. Study guides and registration materials for the new tests, Agriscience (005) and Health (023) will be forthcoming on the Ohio Assessments for Educators website. Candidates applying for an agriscience license after Sept. 1, 2014, must successfully complete the new Ohio Assessments for Educators test. Candidates applying for credentials in health after Sept. 1, 2014, may either successfully complete the Ohio Assessments for Educators Health test or have successfully completed the Praxis II Health test 5551 before Sept. 1, 2014.

Selected tests and licensure changes for certain middle and high school teachers

  • The State Board also approved a score adjustment to five Ohio Assessments for Educators tests administered on or after June 9, 2014. While the adjustments are made to the raw scores of the tests, the passing or cut scores will remain 220 for all five tests, which are: Middle Grades Mathematics (030); Middle Grades Science (029); Middle Grades Social Studies (031); Adolescence to Young Adult Mathematics (027); and Adolescence to Young Adult Integrated Social Studies (025).
  • The department’s Office of Educator Licensure will accept and approve middle childhood licensure applications in one middle childhood content area upon successful completion of:
    • An approved middle childhood college program;
    • The Ohio Assessments for Educators Professional Knowledge Assessment (002);
    • One of the four middle grades Ohio Assessments for Educators tests: (English Language Arts (028), Middle Grades Mathematics (030), Middle Grades Science (029), or Middle Grades Social Studies (031).
    • License application approval by college or university licensure program e-signers.

A second licensure area may be added to the middle childhood license when an educator successfully completes the second content area test and the college or university licensure program e-signer approves the license application.

  • The State Board is requesting the Ohio Board of Regents to work with middle childhood education stakeholders in reviewing the current licensure requirements and standards of the middle childhood education pre-service preparation program. The Educator Standards Board made a recommendation to the State Board for this review.