Public comment period open for Operating Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities


The Department is seeking public comment on the proposed revisions to the following sections of the Ohio Administrative Code related to the Operating Standards for the Education of Children with Disabilities:

  • 3301-51-01 Applicability of requirements and definitions;
  • 3301-51-02 Free appropriate public education;
  • 3301-51-03 Child find;
  • 3301-51-04 Confidentiality;
  • 3301-51-05 Procedural safeguards;
  • 3301-51-06 Evaluations;
  • 3301-51-07 Individualized education program (IEP);
  • 3301-51-08 Parentally placed nonpublic school children;
  • 3301-51-09 Delivery of services;
  • 3301-51-10 Transportation of children with disabilities; and
  • 3301-51-21 Providing instructional material to children with visual impairments and others with print disabilities that are listed for sale by publishers with the superintendent of public instruction.
The Department is accepting public comments about the proposed rules by email to rulecomments@education.ohio.gov through Friday, July 31. View the proposed changes to the rules on the Department’s website.