From the Superintendent



Ohio’s Straight A Fund has given a big boost to education innovation in Ohio. It also has built greater awareness of the creativity we must use to truly prepare our girls and boys for 21st century jobs. These facts were demonstrated clearly in the applications the Ohio Department of Education received in the second, $150 million round of Straight A funding.

Last Friday, the program’s Governing Board chose 34 proposals to receive funding. Another three proposals were tentatively approved pending our review of additional information. All told, the Board will distribute $ 141.9 million in fiscal year 2015 grants. As we looked at this year’s applications, I was most impressed by the way districts partnered to reduce operational overhead and direct more money to instruction—their real mission. The grant winners estimate savings and spending reductions totaling more than $246 million. This is the kind of cost management I want to see in districts because it means more taxpayer dollars will make their way to Ohio classrooms.

In all, 662 organizations, including 446 public school districts, requested more than $761 million. That’s a lot of innovative thinking, and I wish we could have funded many more proposals. My personal thanks go out to all who applied.

View a list of this year’s grant winners here. Thank you for all you do for the boys and girls of Ohio.


Richard A. Ross
Superintendent of Public Instruction