Deadline reminder: Annual safety plan certification review due July 1


Schools must annually certify to the Ohio Department of Education that their safety plans are current and accurate. School and district administrators with compliant school safety plans from 2017 and earlier have until July 1 of each year to complete this annual review.

Schools should make sure that floor plans, emergency procedures and emergency contact sheets represent the current location, processes and staff at the school. The annual period for districts to verify that all elements are current in each school’s plan is Jan. 1 through July 1. Schools still must update plans any time during the year when staff members or procedures change.

Once districts verify that their floor plans, procedures and contacts are current, they should log in to the school safety plan application in SAFE and enter the completion date for the review. Directions are available here. If there are plan revisions, update the documents in SAFE by using the Edit button to upload the revised plans. For answers to questions or other help, contact the Center for P-20 Safety and Security at (614) 644-2641 or email SaferSchools@DPS.Ohio.gov.