Updated science and social studies assessment materials to be released on June 30 


On June 30, the Department is releasing updated science and social studies materials, including practice tests, test scoring guides, test specifications and blueprints, and Performance Level Descriptors. 
The science and social studies half-length practice tests have been updated to reflect the 2018 Ohio’s Learning Standards. Practice tests allow students to become familiar with the online test environment by showcasing the different item types, tools and features, and functionality available to students during online testing.  
For educators, the tests provide an opportunity to review examples of how Ohio’s Learning Standards may be assessed. The practice tests feature real-time item scoring to give students immediate feedback. A summary report at the end of the practice tests on the Your Results page shows the student how he or she did on each item.  
The Practice Test Scoring Guides also have been updated. Scoring guides provide answer keys and scoring guidance. They include the item type, content standard and content statement assessed, answer key and number of points associated with each item. They also include the guidelines for scoring (for example, scoring rubrics), sample responses and notes on scoring and rationales that describe why response options are correct, incorrect or earn partial credit. 
Test specifications provide an overview of the structure and content of each test. This overview includes a description of the test design, as well as information on the types of items that will appear on the test. Also included is an updated test blueprint, a document that identifies the range and distribution of points grouped into various reporting categories (for example, how the learning standards are grouped in order to report the test results). The specifications also provide specific guidelines for the development of all items used for the test.    
Performance Level Descriptors (PLDs) have been updated to reflect the 2018 Ohio’s Learning Standards. The PLDs are the link between Ohio’s Learning Standards and performance standards. They were developed by Ohio educators and other content experts to illustrate the typical demonstration of student learning for each of the five performance levels: Limited, Basic, Proficient, Accelerated and Advanced. Teachers can review the PLDs for each course to match each descriptive statement with its learning standards. Teachers then can review local curriculum materials to see if opportunities are being given to students to demonstrate deeper conceptual understanding of course content at the different performance levels.