From the Superintendent



As I have previously shared with you, the State Board of Education Accountability Committee has met weekly for the past six weeks to make recommendations about the key elements of the new report card system. Tomorrow, during the State Board of Education’s monthly meeting, the committee will share a proposal for the 2012-2013 report card for the full State Board and education community to consider. Based upon discussions with several superintendents in the last week, I am providing you with the following chart that will help you envision which performance measures will be included in which August report card and how, and if such measures will be graded or report only.



(You can find this chart with explanations of the annotations here.)

Additionally, following the presentation to the State Board of Education on Tuesday, you will be able to find additional information here for your review.

While the plan presently focuses on format and methodology for measures required for the August 2013 report cards, please know that the State Board Accountability Committee will continue their work over the coming weeks and months. As more information becomes available, including how measures will be weighted to determine each component grade and the overall composite grade required for August 2015, I will update you accordingly.

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