From the Superintendent



I know you’ve been greatly concerned about how your districts will make up for the unusual number of calamity days caused by Ohio’s hard winter. Now, I have news for you. House Bill 416 gives Ohio’s school districts four additional calamity days. This will give you new flexibility as you schedule your district’s make-up days.

Here’s what the new law means for you as you move forward:

  • As with any other year, you do not need to make up the first five calamity days.
  • The next four days your district has missed must be made up (calamity days six through nine).
  • The next four calamity days are excused (calamity days ten through 13).
  • Any additional calamity days must be made up. This can be accomplished by scheduling additional days of instruction, by lengthening the school day in any combination of half-hour blocks, or through online instruction and/or blizzard bags. 

For more details, see our calamity day FAQ posted on the Ohio Department of Education website.

On another note, I expect to be busy this week testifying before the House Education Committee on how the department and our state’s schools would implement Gov. Kasich’s new mid-biennium review education initiatives, which are now being introduced into legislation. If you missed my letter in last week’s EdConnection that described those programs, you can see it here. I’ll continue to keep you updated on major developments as the legislation progresses through the General Assembly.

Thank you for all you do for the girls and boys of Ohio.


Dr. Richard A. Ross
Superintendent of Public Instruction