Roster verification set-up period begins next week


Principals and designated district administrators will receive an email on Tuesday, April 2, announcing that the school set-up period for value-added roster verification is underway through April 16. Using the link in that message, which came from the district’s roster verification service provider, principals and their support teams can verify and, if necessary, modify staff lists and assignments to prepare for the teacher roster verification period.
From April 17 to May 7, teachers who will have value-added data from this year’s tests will verify roster data, including the students they taught, how long they taught them and the percentage of instruction they provided each student. Principals will have until May 23 to approve rosters.
The Department will use the information collected this spring to prepare value-added reports that teachers will receive in fall 2019. Through the reports, teachers will gain diagnostic information about student performance this school year — and will learn more about the results of their instructional strategies. These reports also will be used to fulfill the student growth requirement for each affected teacher’s evaluation in spring 2020.
For help with roster verification, see resources on the Department’s roster verification webpage. Direct questions to the roster verification state support team at (800) 780-1201 — between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., or use the MCOECN’s Roster Verification support page to submit a help desk ticket.