Celebrate National School Breakfast Week, March 4-8


At the Ohio Department of Education, we believe — and evidence shows — that feeding students healthy, nutritious foods is key to their learning. Starting each day with a nutritious school breakfast allows children to concentrate on their school work. More than 3,000 Ohio school sites take part in the School Breakfast Program daily.

This year’s theme is Start your Engines! To celebrate the weeklong event, schools and districts can find Breakfast Week tools and resources here. Schools also are invited to take part in the Department’s Breakfast Week art competition, What’s in Your Buckeye Breakfast. The submission deadline for the competition is March 7.
To learn about additional resources and ideas to promote and expand your school breakfast program, contact the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Integrated Student Supports at (800) 808-6325, or visit the Department’s School Breakfast Program webpage.