Principal Value-Added Composite Reports are available to superintendents


Superintendents may now access through their SAFE accounts individualized Principal Value-Added Composite reports to assist them in completing principal and assistant principal evaluations this year. The reports include multi-year composite scores based on Value-Added measures from the buildings where the principals and assistant principals served in these roles during the years beginning in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

All superintendents are asked to review the building assignments in the composite reports with their principals, and following a few short instructions, indicate the accuracy of each assignment electronically. After reviewing their composite reports, superintendents should select for each principal the Value-Added score option that most closely reflects the principals’ and assistant principals’ employment histories during the past three years. These options will be the:

  • Default setting now in the electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES), which is the multi-year Value-Added Progress Measure for the building these administrators were assigned to in fall 2013;
  • Composite report measure described above;
  • The one-year measure for the principals’ 2012-2013 building assignments, which the department has provided within SAFE as well.

An instructions document within SAFE explains further how superintendents can verify their principals’ employment histories, and then select the appropriate student growth measure categories and Value-Added scores. The instructions outline appropriate options for principals (including first-year principals) who are serving in all buildings, whether or not they have Value-Added data.

To access the composite reports, the one-year building report and the instructions, superintendents should log into SAFE and click on Collaboration Center (under the Web Systems heading). In the Collaboration Center (a SharePoint site) click first on ODE Document Exchange, then on the folder for your district. The files are in Documents from ODE. Click once on the name of the document to highlight it, then on the button indicating “Download a copy.” If you have difficulty with Excel, a local information technology staff member can assist you in turning on the Compatibility Tool in Excel/Word 2007 or 2003.