Welcome to OH|ID: The Portal Is Live!


The new OH|ID portal is live, and all applications are accessible to all education users. Users can access the OH|ID portal by clicking the “Login” link at the top of the Ohio Department of Education's homepage:


You may also log in by going directly to the OH|ID portal at ohid.ohio.gov.


See below for more information the about OH|ID portal and how to access helpful resources.
Why did this integration happen? 
This integration creates an easy-to-use, intuitive user experience that lets customers access their applications from anywhere, anytime. The integration also provides a single sign-on location to access both Department applications and other state applications available on OH|ID. Lastly, the portal uses the latest security best practices to safeguard important customer data.

What is OH|ID? 
The OH|ID portal is an identity solution from the InnovateOhio platform. The goal of OH|ID is to create one simple and secure location for all Ohio citizens to access information and conduct business with the state of Ohio. Through OH|ID, Ohio Department of Education users can access Department of Education and other statewide applications in a more secure, streamlined way.
Note: Because OH|ID uniquely encrypts a user’s personal information, every user must have only one OH|ID account. In alignment with the latest security best practices, it is important to note that users should never share their OH|ID credentials.
What happened to my SAFE profile?
The information from your existing SAFE profile has been transferred to your Department of Education profile. The Department of Education profile holds all information and applications related to the Department, such as teacher licensure renewal, scholarship applications, school data-reporting information and professional development training. To access your Department of Education profile, complete the profile setup process outlined in this step-by-step guide.


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 How do I access my information?
A.  If you already have an existing OH|ID account from another agency:
Log in using your existing OH|ID username and password. If you have an existing Department of Education (formerly SAFE) profile, you will be able to link that to your OH|ID account during the Department of Education profile setup process.

B.  If you do not have an existing OH|ID account:
You will need to create one in order to access your applications. If you have an existing Department of Education (formerly SAFE) profile, you will be able to link your profile to your new OH|ID account once your account is established. If you do not have a Department of Education profile, you will be prompted to create one.

C.  If you do not have an OH|ID profile or a Department of Education profile:
You will need to create both profiles to access your applications.
Where do I go for help?
A new webpage offers resources to support the new OH|ID portal and the Department of Education profile. You can reach this webpage via the link above or by clicking the “Department of Education” section of the OH|ID Help Center.
This Department of Education Help Page provides information on how to access and navigate the new OH|ID portal. This webpage contains information on how to:

  • Log in to OH|ID;
  • Create an OH|ID account;
  • Create a Department of Education profile;
  • Access applications;
  • Reset a password; and
  • Update security options.
If you have additional questions about OH|ID or need technical support with your account, contact the Ohio Department of Education at 877-644-6338 or Profile.Help@education.ohio.gov.