FAQs now available about the recent SAFE to OH|ID integration


Those who need additional guidance on the Department’s recent integration from SAFE to the OH|ID portal can find a list of frequently asked questions about the integration on the Department’s OH|ID Portal FAQ Help webpage.

Additional resources that support the new OH|ID portal and Department of Education profile are available here. For answers to additional questions about OH|ID or for technical support with your account, please contact the Ohio Department of Education at (877) 644-6338 or email Profile.Help@education.ohio.gov.

Here are answers to some of the most-asked questions.

Can I login to OH|ID with my SAFE username and password?
No. Users are not able to log in to OH|ID using SAFE credentials. To access the portal, an OH|ID account must be created first and then matched to your existing Department of Education (previously SAFE) profile.

I’m not seeing my Department of Education Applications like CORE, OEDS, College Credit Plus, Scholarship Application, etc. What can I do?
Users should make sure that after adding the Department of Education Profile tile from the Available Apps section (see Figure 1), they click the Department of Education Profile tile again when it appears under the My Apps section to start the matching process (see Figure 2). If the OH|ID and Department of Education Profile match, the user’s applications will appear. For a more detailed explanation, please see steps 8 through 12a in this guide.

If your applications still do not appear, please call (877) 644-6338 or email Profile.Help@education.ohio.gov.


Figure 1


Figure 2

Now that OH|ID is live, will SAFE still be available for users?
Now that OH|ID is live, the SAFE portal is not accessible. Users should log in to OH|ID to access their Department of Education Profile (previously called SAFE).