Reminder: Emergency medical waiver application submission due May 24


Although Ohio expects all students to take part in state tests, there may be rare medical emergencies in which students cannot take one or more assessments during the testing window dates, including the makeup dates. In such cases, districts must submit applications for medical emergency waivers. Superintendents, superintendent designees, principals, test coordinators and Education Management Information System (EMIS) coordinators can submit applications through the online system between May 13-24. These administrators will have access through their OH|ID (formerly SAFE) accounts to a Forms link and should follow the prompts provided. Applications for 2019 waivers are due May 24.
As part of the waiver form, an administrator will answer questions about the medical emergency and then may upload supporting documents. Acceptable reasons to apply for a medical waiver include when a student suffered a serious illness, physical injury or unexpected worsening of an existing medical condition immediately before or during the testing window.
Although superintendents, superintendent designees, principals, test coordinators and EMIS coordinators can enter information in the form, the official submission to the Department requires the superintendent or superintendent’s designee to approve and submit the form to complete the process. The Department will review only forms that receive this official local approval and submission by the superintendent.
The U.S. Department of Education also recognizes these circumstances can occur. For this reason, states may exclude, for accountability purposes, students who “…cannot be assessed at any time during the testing window due to a significant medical emergency.” States may define circumstances that represent significant medical emergencies and must review each application on a case-by-case basis. This waiver is used for one purpose only. Ohio removes students with approved waivers when calculating the Annual Measurable Objectives participation rates that are part of the Gap Closing component and Performance Index scores for Ohio School Report Cards. A medical waiver does not exempt a student from having to complete one of the required pathways to graduate.
Direct questions about medical emergency assessment waivers to Julie Dick at (614) 466-5018 or email
Direct questions about the waivers’ effect on participation rates for the Ohio School Report Cards to Jackie Seward at (614) 387-7570 or