For school superintendents, principals and treasurers


Electronic teacher and principal evaluation system updates

There are several announcements related to the electronic tool eTPES, designed to streamline the teacher and principal evaluation process:


·         eTPES closes on June 21 for the 2012-2013 school year. More than 400 schools piloted or implemented the new teacher and/or principal evaluation system this year and entered their evaluations into eTPES. Each teacher should have received a written report of the results of the evaluation on May 10. All educator evaluations entered are saved and stored in the system.


·         eTPES will reopen by mid-July with upgraded and additional features for the 2013-2014 school year. By July 30, superintendents will receive an email with access information for the log-in process. To make sure that you receive the message, please update your district information in the Ohio Educational Directory System by early July to correct current role designations and email addresses for superintendents, superintendent designees and principals.


·         Trainers from educational service centers will conduct half-day training sessions regionally on the electronic system beginning in August for superintendents. Training will include the set-up functions that you must complete for your district. Soon thereafter, educational service center trainers will conduct training for principals on how to complete a building roster and send activation to teachers. Registration for these sessions will be available in STARS mid-summer.


For more information about educator evaluations, including answers to frequently asked questions, click here.


Apply to become an assessor of resident educators by June 30

Teachers, administrators and university education faculty may apply by June 30 to be assessors in the Ohio Resident Educator Program next school year. Selected applicants will receive compensation. Assessors review and score a new summative assessment for teachers entering their third year of the resident educator program next year. Resident educators who successfully complete the assessment and other requirements are eligible for their five-year professional educator licenses.


Each applicant must have a current professional educator license or worked in teacher education at a college or university for at least five years. Retired professionals are welcome to apply. Selected applicants:


·         Must complete 30 hours of online and in-person training;

·         Must commit to approximately 60 hours in reviewing and scoring assessments during 2013-2014 (approximately 20 hours in each of three month-long windows);

·         Preferably are familiar with, or have experience scoring, performance-based assessments.


For more information and a link to the application, click here. Direct questions to Jennifer Ross at (614) 728-6916 or jennifer.ross@education.ohio.gov.