From the Superintendent




With the 2012-2013 school year drawing to a close, it’s time to consider whether your district will be conducting an Innovative Education Pilot Program next year that may prompt you to seek a waiver from any state statute. An example might be an application to the Ohio Department of Education to waive a certain number of classroom days from the minimum yearly requirement so that teachers can be trained in a new and promising reading assessment program. Remember as you select these programs, our boys and girls should directly benefit from them.


You can download the pilot application along with the related fact sheet, end of year report template and waiver checklist here. The application describes waiver limitations and includes both an application time line and a list of items you must submit.


Public school districts, educational service centers and chartered nonpublic schools may use this application process. Innovative Education Pilot Program applications do not apply to community schools.


Also in the next couple of weeks you should enter or update information about your schools’ and districts’ technology capacities in the department’s online Technology Readiness Tool. We need your report by June 14 to help us get the next snapshot of where school technology stands in our state. We will use this information as we make important decisions about upcoming school years. If you have questions, please contact OhioTRT@education.ohio.gov.


Thank you for all you are doing for the boys and girls of Ohio.




Dr. Richard A. Ross