Updated nutrition standards for foods and beverages sold during the school day


In June 2013, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released the Interim Final Rule “Smart Snacks in Schools.” The rule is intended to bring a nationwide focus to the types of foods and beverages that may be sold throughout the school campus during the defined “regular school day.” Ohio law defines food and beverage standards for the regular school day in public and nonpublic chartered schools in Ohio regardless of National School Lunch Program participation.

All schools on the National School Lunch Program will follow the standards that are considered more restrictive when comparing the USDA and Ohio law. Please note that ANY foods and beverages sold during the regular school day to students (aside from the reimbursable school breakfast and school lunch meals) must meet the nutrition standards. This includes any foods and beverages sold in vending machines, school stores, school-sponsored fundraisers and culinary education programs that sell foods and beverages to students.

The Ohio Department of Education, Office for Child Nutrition has developed a guidance document that defines the regular school day and provides details regarding the food and beverage nutrition standards.