Superintendents to have Principal Value-Added Composite Reports next week


In next week’s EdConnection, the department will explain to superintendents how to access within SAFE the individualized Principal Value-Added Composite reports to assist them in completing principal and assistant principal evaluations this year. The reports will include a multi-year composite score based on Value-Added measures from the buildings where the principals and assistant principals served in these roles during the years beginning in 2010, 2011 and 2012.

Superintendents will be asked to review and validate the building assignments in the composite reports with their principals. They should then select the Value-Added score option that most closely reflects the principals’ and assistant principals’ employment history during the past three years. The three options will be:

  • Default setting now in the electronic Teacher and Principal Evaluation System (eTPES), which is the three-year Value-Added Progress Measure for the building these administrators were assigned to in fall 2013;
  • Composite report measure described in paragraph one;
  • The single-year measure for the principals’ 2012-2013 building assignments, which the department will excerpt from the one-year-building reports and provide within SAFE next week as well.