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Final paper licensure applications due Dec. 31; signers need to be ready for 100 percent paperless system by Jan. 1
Because the process for submitting and reviewing teacher licensure applications is moving to a completely paperless system as of Jan. 1, any paper applications must be received by Dec. 31 to be processed. Thereafter, applicants and authorized reviewers must complete the process online.

Teachers may already apply for licenses online through the CORE My Educator Profile if the individuals designated to review and approve applications are registered as electronic application signers. These individuals are: superintendents or superintendent designees, credential e-signers, coordinator and coordinator designees for LPDCs, and dean or dean-designees – colleges of education.

Signers that already have a SAFE account and their current role and email address listed in the Ohio Educational Directory System Redesign can complete the e-signer registration process in a few short steps:

  • Sign into SAFE,
  • Select ODE CORE;
  • Select My Educator Profile;
  • Select My Approvals; and
  • Click on Enroll me.

Enrolled signers will receive email notifications when applications are submitted for review and approval. For more information on getting started, click here. Deans and dean designees who need assistance with the Ohio Educational Directory System should contact Mary Rose at mary.rose@education.ohio.gov. For assistance on licensure topics, click here for more details and a list of regional licensure consultants.

Criminal background check updates required for educators who have permanent and non-tax certificates
Holders of permanent certificates and permanent non-tax certificates for working in schools are required by Ohio law to complete updated FBI background checks through the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) every five years. In addition, an updated BCI background check also is required if the certificate holder has lived outside Ohio within the past five years. Because this school year is the five-year anniversary of these requirements, certificate holders need to update their criminal background checks with Ohio Department of Education if they have not already done so. Certificate holders who do not comply with the requirements will have their certificates inactivated and will not be permitted to work in Ohio schools.

The department requests that certificate holders complete their background checks through WebCheck, which allows fingerprints to be sent immediately to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation for fastest processing. A list of WebCheck locations is posted on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. When completing this process, be sure the WebCheck operator sends results to the Ohio Department of Education. Questions may be directed to educator.licensure@education.ohio.gov or at (614) 466-3693 or (877) 644-6338 (toll-free).

Permanent certificates, which are no longer issued, were available for qualifying teachers, administrators and pupil personnel years ago before the current educator licensure system was put into place. The current licensure system also requires updating of background checks every five years.