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Discussing healthy nutrition environment in schools
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Thomas J. Vilsack and U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan have posted a jointly signed letter discussing ways to ensure a healthy nutrition environment in schools. To read about this joint effort to promote a healthy school environment, highlights of the “Smart Snacks in School” nutrition standards and other related activities, click here.

ARRA 1512 Survey open Nov. 18 through Dec. 20
The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) 1512 Quarterly Survey will launch Nov. 18 for activity through the fourth quarter of calendar year 2013. All local education agencies receiving ARRA funding through Race to the Top, School Improvement Grants and the Teacher Incentive Fund are required to report their data through this survey. Title I, Title II-D (non-ARRA) and Ed Jobs do not have to report since those grants are now closed.

The survey will remain available through close of business on Dec. 20, 2013; no submissions can be accepted after that time. Please direct any questions concerning the ARRA 1512 reporting to recovery@education.ohio.gov.

Open Enrollment Task Force convenes
The Open Enrollment Task Force has begun its work of reviewing the participation and funding processes that guide Ohio's open enrollment programs. The 13-member task force, comprised of superintendents and treasurers, and supported by ODE staff, will make recommendations for improvements in the various open enrollment processes to the governor and state legislature by Dec. 31.

The task force is seeking comments and suggestions for improving open enrollment in Ohio. Click here to view the Open Enrollment Task Force Web page to learn more or submit comments.

Grant money available to improve workplace safety
What’s on your school district’s safety wish list? Desk-moving equipment? Automatic bus doors or aerial platform devices? Take advantage of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation recently expanded Safety Intervention Grants Program, to improve safety for employees.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is extending a helping hand with safety grants that now provide a 3-to-1 match of up to $40,000.

Safety grant participation has achieved results. One public school district reported a 26 percent improvement in the number of days lost to cumulative trauma disorders involving custodial staff, with the addition of desk-moving equipment made available with a safety grant.

Highlights of the Safety Intervention Grants Program include:

  • The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will match every dollar that districts contribute with three dollars.
  • Districts are eligible to receive up to $40,000 per grant cycle. Information on cycles, which differ based on payroll size, is available here.
  • Even if a district has received a grant in the past, it may still qualify.

To be eligible to qualify, districts must pay into the State Insurance Fund, be current on money owed to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and demonstrate the need for a safety intervention.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation is committed to helping your school district’s workplace become safer. To apply online and learn more about the Safety Intervention Grants Program, click here.