Educators not employed in schools now may work through ESC LPDCs for renewal


With the passage of House Bill 438, effective Sept. 28, licensed individuals who are not employed in schools may work to renew their licenses through a cooperating educational service center’s local professional development committee (LPDC).
Any licensed personnel seeking to become a member of an educational service center’s LPDC should reach out to the LPDC coordinator of the educational service center for information. LPDC coordinators can be found using the search bar within the Ohio Educational Directory Systems (OEDS).
Educational service center LPDCs exercise total discretion as to their processes for accepting new members and may refuse those they feel unable to serve. Educational service center LPDCs must amend their bylaws to account for this new membership and provide clear guidelines as to the policies and procedures involved. A list of ESCs is available on the Ohio ESC Association website.
FAQs regarding the passage of HB 438 are available on the Department’s website. Additional questions should be directed to the educational service center in question or