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Application period open for Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship

The second application period for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program is underway and will run through Nov. 15. This application period will provide funding for services received from Jan. 1 through June 30 of the 2013-2014 school year.

Students awarded during this period will receive half of the scholarship amount typically awarded for their special education category. For example, if the student’s special education category is Specific Learning Disability, then the scholarship award amount would be $4,779. If the special education category is Autism, the scholarship award amount would be $10,000.

Districts must assign at least one  SAFE account holder the role of Reviewer-JPSN in the Ohio Educational Directory System Redesign to receive email notifications of submitted student applications. District reviewers will have access to instructions once they receive the scholarship application through SAFE. To access the information, look under Jon Peterson, then User Manual and Forms. Here is more information.

New training module provides guidance on approval processes for student learning objectives

To assist local review committees to ensure that student learning objectives (SLOs) are held to a similar quality standard across all Ohio districts, the department has released a new training module titled Module 6, Calibration of Student Learning Objective Review. Divided into four parts, the training program illustrates how approval of SLOs will be calibrated through fair review procedures that systematically require high quality and rigor. The training stresses the importance of building consensus on how to interpret SLO checklist criteria. Participants will gain practice in providing specific feedback to teachers to help strengthen their SLOs, and learn about the importance of structuring a systematic comparison of SLOs within and across district content areas. Module 6, which complements the previous five Student Growth Measures sessions, is posted under Additional Resources here with accompanying handouts.

Licensure process going paperless; sign up as an electronic signer now

As mentioned earlier this summer, the process for submitting and reviewing teacher licensure applications is moving to a paperless system. Teachers can now easily apply for licenses online through the CORE My Educator Profile if the individuals designated to review and approve applications register as electronic application signers. Signers that already have a SAFE account and their current role and email address listed in the Ohio Educational Directory System Redesign can complete the process in less than five minutes.

Individuals who serve in the following roles may review and approve license applications: superintendents or superintendent designees; credential e-signers; coordinator and coordinator designees for LPDCs; and dean or dean-designees – colleges of education.

Here’s how to sign up:

  • Sign into SAFE,
  • Select ODE CORE;
  • Select My Educator Profile;
  • Select My Approvals; and
  • Click on Enroll me.

Enrolled signers will receive email notifications when applications are submitted for review and approval.

For more information on getting started, click here. For assistance on licensure topics, click here for more details and a list of regional licensure consultants.

Oct. 28-29: Annual Statewide Education Conference – Registration Closes Oct. 25

Ohio’s free Annual Statewide Education Conference 2013 will inspire, challenge and equip educators with the tools to successfully prepare Ohio’s 1.8 million students toward college and career readiness. To register, login to your SAFE Account, go to STARS, keyword search: “RttT” and select “Ohio’s Annual Statewide Education Conference.” More information is here.

Oct. 31-Nov. 1: Rural Education National Forum – Registration Closes Oct. 21

The Rural Education National Forum will highlight instructional and leadership practices in rural districts throughout the country, feature conversations about opportunities and challenges for rural education with national and local experts, and build a network for collaborative action. Battelle for Kids and the Ohio Department of Education are hosting this event, Oct.31–Nov. 1, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. We are pleased to host U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, and 2013 National Teacher of the Year, Jeff Charbonneau, as keynote speakers. Registration information is available here and an informational video can be found here. Contact Kelly Butler at kbutler@BattelleforKids.org or 614-481-3141 ext. 147 with additional questions.