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Straight A Fund application deadline is Friday 

The deadline to submit Straight A Fund applications is Friday, Oct. 25. For all instructions and application materials, please visit the Straight A Fund website here. To access the Straight A Fund application in CCIP, click here. Thanks to Ohio’s new $250 million Straight A Fund, educators now have an unprecedented opportunity to put good ideas into action. The Straight A Fund will provide funds to educational entities in Ohio with the drive and courage to try new approaches that:

  • Meet the learning needs of its students;
  • Reduce the cost of running a school or school district; or
  • Drive more dollars to the classroom.

Through a rigorous screening process, Ohio will give creative and cost-effective solutions the seed funding they need to get off the ground. Straight A Fund proposals should solve specific problems in our schools, be quickly duplicated by others and be sustainable.

Oct. 28-29: Annual Statewide Education Conference – online registration closes Friday

Ohio’s free Annual Statewide Education Conference 2013 will inspire, challenge and equip educators with the tools to successfully prepare Ohio’s 1.8 million students toward college and career readiness. To register, login to your SAFE Account, go to STARS, keyword search: “RttT” and select “Ohio’s Annual Statewide Education Conference.” More information is here. Onsite registration will be available at the Convention Center.

Enroll by Oct. 31 to save on workers’ comp premiums

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation’s (BWC) Destination: Excellence is a portfolio of programs that provides incentives to employers for utilizing no-cost services and incorporating certain safety and claims management strategies. The application deadline to enroll is Oct. 31 for the program year starting Jan. 1, 2014. Schools may enroll in three major programs that are part of Destination: Excellence: 

  • Industry- Specific Safety provides incentives for participating in certain safety training and for utilizing BWC safety consultants;
  • Drug-free Safety provides incentives for implementing a drug and alcohol testing program at your workplace; and
  • Transitional Work Bonus provides incentives for utilizing Transitional Work, a formal framework that can accommodate the needs of injured workers that have been released with restrictions.  

To learn about the programs, and to verify eligibility and compatibility with your rating plans and programs, please go to the Destination: Excellence website. To assist in the process, click here to download an enrollment form with helpful links. Please contact BWC if you have any questions.